Basil plant flowering

Basil plant flowering - Basil is normally found in garden centers and supermarkets as potted plant from May until September. Instead, we can find all year in outbreaks seasoning in supermarkets and specialty stores…

basil plant flowering care ideas

Properties of basil are many. If you intend to dry, it is recommended to do so in bunch just before flowering when it holds greatest concentration of aromatic oils, shaded with leaves down. Once dry, you can grind and store tightly covered and containers.


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Dries after flowering, so you should just cut flowers appear, so they can be used up to two years. That is, if I let flowers grow plant will die. This has decided me and I will not collect basil plant flowering, I prefer to have plant one more season. So I’m going to do two things, cut flowers and branches topping. And you will wonder what is topping? Well I found following definition: “Cut, tear or break off top of a thing.”

If you prune to eliminate growth of flower, simply remove them with small scissors or with same hand. To perform maintenance pruning basil plant flowering, Expose lower parts of plant to sunlight and when it starts to grow we have to prune. This can be done every two or three weeks.