Here’s an ideas decoration green, original, ingenious and very simple to perform. You can install green wall planters on your balcony or terrace and move your desires sandstone. Find a piece of garden by planting herbs, perennials or annuals. No need to spend big money for wall planters chic. You can attach one molded plastic [...]


Chives are a strong lasting identified with the onion plant. garlic chives plant, otherwise called Chinese chives, are taller and compliment than the more basic onion chives, and produce white blossoms with an aroma reminiscent. Keep the developing medium damp, however not spongy or sloppy. A light layer of manure utilized as mulch will demoralize [...]


Within the interior design today we will show your ideas how to decorate a glass flower pots, for large decorative flower pots with flowers, leaves and make a modern flower pots. Getting down to work to decorate glass flower pots is not always easy, especially if you woke up one of those days where you [...]


To plant watermelons in the planting pots can be an option when you are not available or the garden does not have enough space. We explain below how planting pots for watermelons in the planting pots. Let’s put a watermelon plant in a planter, with the intention that the stems fall to the ground and [...]


Containers of wood work in almost any garden setting, proper seal planters can keep wooden planter boxes to look beautiful. Instructions Choose the type of sealer you want to use. Secure sealants plants exist, but must be applied in a regular way. A simpler option is a commercial sealer, which will last longer. Apply sealant [...]


One way to celebrate arrival of summer is to install window planter boxes of houses. For a small fee, they embellish exterior and add color to facades of buildings. Range is wide when it comes to choose flowers that will fill boxes. We must consider whether against them will be placed in shade or in [...]


Plant hangers is a practical, not only show them, but also to keep plant off ground, also closer to a light source such as a window with sunshine. Plant hangers are available in most garden stores like simple plastic holders that attach to edge of pots. Sometimes, they are not practical when you want a [...]


The potted plants are usually green and brown, and these colors can be aesthetically unpleasant. Dirt and mold can also take care of the plastic pot and make it even less attractive. Fortunately, it is very easy to clean and paint plant pots plastic. Directions Flush few drops of detergent on the vessel. Place the [...]


Living room, living space and passage and largest room in house are perfect place for indoor planters they bring a lot of cachet to your decoration and you will see life in green! but you should avoid indoor planters front window, they might cut input light but rather put behind or beside sofa to create [...]


Most beginners’ crafts have the skills to make their own plant supports. An indoor plant stands support made ​​magazine is not just a talking point; it’s a new way to recycle. Instructions of indoor plant stands Cut a wood 1 x 1 inch (2.5 x 2.5 cm) in 12 pieces, each 12 inches (30 cm) [...]