Holy Basil Seeds and Growth

Holy basil is a popular medicinal herb used to treat several disorders, such as bronchitis, stomach ache, insect stings and bites, fever, and flue gases. When growth conditions holy basil seeds are favorable, this aromatic plant can reach a height of 91 cm and is decorated with purple flowers.

Holy basil seeds grow



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 Sowing the holy basil seeds when the outside temperature is 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit constant, usually in April and May. Applying a thin layer of vermiculite on the holy basil seeds to function as a soil conditioner.


When the stems are large enough to manipulate easily, you must transfer to a slightly larger pot, up to a 30 cm. If you transplant in the garden, choose a sunny open field. Holy basil plants grown in containers should be fed with plant food quality every 2 weeks.


The holy basil is susceptible to bacterial wilt, a condition that causes the plant to wither and acquires a brown overnight. This disease is easily transmitted and efforts to save the plant will be unsuccessful. You must remove the diseased plant, wash the containers and gardening tools you used and wash your hands well to prevent the minimal risk of contamination.

Another organic method for growing basil is with an Aquaponics System