How to Make Decorative Solar Garden Lights with Wood

Decorative solar garden lights. They light up pathways and faintly stress hedges and gardens in enclosure finishing.

butterfly and dragonfly decorative solar garden lights


1. Cut the wood board into a 12-inch segment. This length is long enough to encase the stake of the solar light and keep it enduring while it is on presentation.


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2. Drill an opening down the middle of the cut board. Utilize another boring apparatus to make cutting quicker and less demanding. Hold the drill equally until you have penetrated no less than 6 inches. Test the profundity with the staked decorative solar garden lights to verify that it is profound enough to hold it. In the event that the opening is excessively shallow, drill deeper.

3. Sand the wood board with 220-coarseness sandpaper. It is a coarseness that will smooth unpleasant edges without leaving scratch stamps over the wood. Make sure to sand down any fragments or any surface stamps in the wood.

4. Paint the wood board and design it. Use shiny acrylic paints to secure the wood and adorn it. Reflexive paints are likewise more water safe, so it will help keep your wood better ensured from outdoor components.

5. Place the staked decorative solar garden lights into the gap you bored. Place it outdoor in a region where it will get the most light.