How to Make Wooden Planter Boxes

Containers of wood work in almost any garden setting, proper seal planters can keep wooden planter boxes to look beautiful.

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  1. Choose the type of sealer you want to use. Secure sealants plants exist, but must be applied in a regular way. A simpler option is a commercial sealer, which will last longer.
  2. Apply sealant to your gardener. It covers both the exterior and the interior and cover the bottom reminds too.
  3. After applying a coat or two, let the sealer dry for 24 hours. Then try wetting a small area with a few drops of water. Wait a few minutes to make sure the sealant is not working and the water is absorbed.
  4. If you chose the safe sealant plant your wooden planter boxes is ready. But remember you have to reapply the sealant in a few months, so coating the interior can be of help when it comes to coat the inside of the planter arrives.
  5. A commercial sealer is recommended so that the wooden planter boxes is easy to empty and resealing of the road somewhere. You can use plastic liners to plant a garden center.
  6. To use rags, cut a piece of plastic large enough to cover the inside of the planter.
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