Miniature Plants for Fairy Gardens

We could say that they are the simplest form of a garden but are actually much more real development of the imagination. In a simple vase can recreate a world of fantasy. The miniature plants for fairy gardens have now become quite a specialized branch of gardening. Many people are attracted to them so let’s see how we can create one of these spaces so endearing and adorable.

Miniature plants for fairy gardens photo

The miniature plants for fairy gardens have two distinct parts, live plants to be cultivated and treated as what they are and decor that gives that extra differentiates fairy garden any ordinary pot. We will choose a pot large enough so it can contain all the elements you want to incorporate.


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It is as if we designed a real garden, we distribute spaces and give each item instead. We plant the plants that we have chosen for our garden starting on the outside of the pot. This part is the most appropriate for creepers and hanging plants. We continue to add plants that populate the center of the garden and arranging the various decorative elements, rocks, bridges, roads. Cactus, succulents and mosses are plants that you can give much play in creating miniature plants for fairy gardens.