Trendy Plant Hangers Decor

Plant hangers is a practical, not only show them, but also to keep plant off ground, also closer to a light source such as a window with sunshine.

deck Plant Hangers Decor

Plant hangers are available in most garden stores like simple plastic holders that attach to edge of pots. Sometimes, they are not practical when you want a longer or decorative hanger. Make your own rack of potted plants is not difficult.


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So, how to make plant hangers to decorate your home?

  • Choose a pot, since only one section for hanging will design fit container. Use a plastic pot, glass, wood or ceramic, but make sure you have drainage holes.
  • Measure diameter of the pot on top, as reduces by one inch (2.5 cm) to reduce the diameter slightly, since there will settle ring for hanging.
  • Adding three or four ring clips metal cord. Collect the tops of hanging sections and add them to an upright swivel to be able to rotate the plant with the aim of having sunlight from all sides.
  • Slide the ring up from the side bottom of the pot the plant and hold the strut while you adjust the strings ring.
  • Hanging plant hanger to hook a hook anchored securely to hooks.